Unequivocally The Best In The Market!!

Chris Kelley at Kelley’s Detail & Restoration in Longwood, FL executes industry leading polishing and ceramic coating.  He is unequivocally the best in the market and uses hands down only the finest products. His professionalism and attention to detail is is unparalleled. He provides a small town experience, and treats each vehicle as his own.  Regardless of how far the drive is, it’s well worth the time.

Cody Fajardo – STi WR Pearl Blue


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a great experience we’ve had with Eron from Red’s Old Fashioned Auto Detail in Marietta GA.

We’ve had 3 cars go through the quartz coating process over the last few weeks. Our 2015 Tesla, 2010 Cadillac Escalade ESV, and 2000 porsche boxster.

I can tell you that Eron goes the extra mile ensure customer satisfaction. For the older cars he paid extra care to ensure the base paint was ready to accept the quartz coating by working with one of his local paint shops to get appropriate correction. His attention to detail (including the interior and wheels) is exceptional. Our cars look better then when they were new and we are extremely satisfied with the results and the level of workmanship.

– Bryant


Here attached is the result of your recommendation of having Paul do a 6 month inspection and detail. Not bad for over 300,000 miles and now in its 13 year of service.

Thanks again for your unmatched professional advice and expertise.

CQUARTZ Finest is simply the best a person can do for their vehicle’s protection and shine.

MB Naples entire service team aligned themselves in rows flanking each side of this 2004 C240, after a recent service event. The Shop Co-Foremans, both from Germany, did the 162 point inspection finding it perfect. This dealership has been ranked as The Best of the Best for the past 5 years.

Thanks again Corey and look forward to meeting you soon when travelling to Florida.

All the best for your business to expand and grow in 2016 and beyond.



I would like to offer my support of Jay at “Jays Detail” in San Antonio. Jay detailed my 2003 Ferrari 360 Spider and finished the job off with CQ Finest. Both Jay and the CQ Finest product made my car stand out at recent gathering of Ferraris. It is comforting to know that my Ferrari paint is protected with Finest and looks better than new. Marc C. Miller

Alamo Chapter President
Ferrari Club of America


I had Brandon in New Orleans prep and install CQF to my 2008 Brilliant Black Challenger. It was swirled pretty bad but no major other problems. I did write you and discuss my decision before hand and had long discussion with Brandon also. I will first let you know that Brandon did one fantastic job of correcting the paint on the car. He was professional and informative as possible and I am totally satisfied.

I grew up helping my father with his service station / garage / mechanic shop so appreciate the small businessman. Brandon is a great example of a true caring local businessman. He was undoubtedly the best choice to represent your products.

I also love the CQF more each time I start to wash my car and see that shedding of not just the water but also most anything on the car if it even managed to stick in the first place. I do have one complaint. I tried to take the wool mitt Brandon gave me and catch as much soap and suds as I can on it and gently try to put a layer on the car for few seconds before actually washing, it don’t stick, it literally runs off, with the CQF and the lubricant properties of the soap it won’t stay on anything but nearly flat surfaces. The way the soap acts on the surface when washing really was different than anything I have seen and really shows that shedding capabilities of the CQF.

I have always used a California Duster on my cars and notice that with CQF that if I use it almost like a fan most dust will blow off with hardly touching the paint.



 I want to thank you for the recent detailing and installation of CQ Finest on my 2013 SRT Viper. I thought the Stryker Red paint could not be improved on, but I was wrong. The Finest brought out the special paint job and has already protected it from a hard rain (Yea, it got rained on!) The paint is just beautiful. Also, my other two cars (a 2003 and a 2010) have also been done and the difference is astounding. Thanks again for protecting and improving the looks of my cars.

Dave Serio


One word to describe how I feel about Impressions Fine Automotive Detailing and CQUARTZ Finest is AMAZED!  Robert DiTerlizzi over at Impressions Fine Automotive Detailing blew me away with his attention to detail and precision.  Robert took the time to get to know me and my needs and made the recommendation to coat my car with CQUARTZ Finest.  I was skeptical at first because I never had any experience with such a product, however Robert made the process easy to understand and his follow up on how to care for my car’s new finish made me confident that I could maintain its beauty.  My confidence was confirmed when I first tried to wash my car.  The water just literally danced off the car, I NEVER had such a easy time cleaning my car!  The car’s finish repels dirt and any other debris you may encounter on the road.  I cant tell you the amount of times I have been asked about my car’s incredible shine and I don’t hesitate to recommend Robert DiTerlizzi over at Impressions Fine Automotive Detailing or the quality of CQUARTZ Finest.


After finding Elite online (doing a search for how best to protect my new Tesla Model S) I called Wes and was able to arrange an appointment within a few days.  I took my car in — he was familiar with the model and made me feel 100x more comfortable with the process.  He applied CQ Finest on my car and did an entire detail / protection inside and out (took the wheels off, etc…).  The car looks absolutely fabulous.  I was so impressed with his attention to detail and outcome that I asked him who he would recommend for window tinting!  His referral for that turned out to be perfect as well.  Thanks Wes and team!  Love my new car and how it glows.

So the guys at Autowerx spent 12.5 hours prepping, washing, detailing, polishing, washing again, then they erase/wipe any chemicals off, and finally putting on two robust coats of C.Q Finest. The work they do is beyond anyone’s expectations… they’re quiet paint finish fanatics! It’s truly amazing.” It’s hard not to talk these guys up, or the product, because I don’t think this car’s paint and finish can be any more perfect or truly stunning than it is now. Kind of don’t want to take the car out, rather enter in a show first, but I know with the PPF on the front, and it’s complete coating, it’s armored up and ready for the daily commute.

– Greg : 2013 Tesla Model S


Wes at Elite Finish Detailing was awesome!  I had Wes take care of my brand new off the lot Mustang GT that must have been exposed to some heavy industrial fallout while sitting on the dealer lot.   Paint Correction and CQ Finest, and WOW!  The car looks just amazing.  Wes’ attention to detail exceeds expectations.  Wes even drove me home so my car could stay garaged overnight to allow the CQ Finest to cure without being exposed to the elements.  That’s someone that cares!  I’ll be returning to Elite to get some education on how to properly wash.  Scared to death to touch the car now!


“Over the weekend I had my car detailed and CQUARTZ Finest product applied. I am extremely happy with it and it has a beautiful wet shiny look to it. The guys did an awesome job that took almost 12 hours. They removed all the factory paint swirls and scratches and shined it first. They said the paint job from TM is very good from what they have seen in other luxury cars.”

“They also applied CQUARTZ product on my wheels, plastic bumper, plastic trims, chrome and glass. The water just beads and repels from the surface and keeps my car clean. They did all the work in my garage and I could see the transformation. I am very happy with this company that did the work and will see how long it will last.”

Rakesh – 2013 Tesla Model S


I heard about Wes and his company from the Tesla Service Center. I drive a Model S Signature that had a bit of paint damage from the original detailer that used a buffer. There were just very fine swirl marks all over my car. I took my car to Wes to have A CQ Finest coating applied. I was not going to let just anybody touch my car. After talking with quite a few Tesla owners I knew Wes was my guy. Once I met him I knew I had made the right decision. Wes went above and beyond to make my car literally look better than when it was delivered new. He also spent a lot of time with me afterwards teaching me the best way to take care of my paint. I had no idea my paint would look that much better. I can’t recommend him and his company enough.


I recently bought a black Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The car was beautiful when I bought it. Being black, however, I found it nearly impossible to the get the car looking perfect once I brought it home. Jason applied the CQFinest about four weeks ago after a good detail wash and light polish. The car looked even better than the day I picked it up when Jason was finished. The better part, though, is that I find it incredibly easy to keep the car looking that great with the CQFinest finish. This was a great investment for me.

– Jim Coppedge


My car just hit one year old, and as a birthday present I decided to have CQ Finest applied. When I picked up the car, it was later in the evening and I was really happy with the way it looked. However, in the morning, when I went out to my car… WOOOOOOW! It looked incredible, and it put me in a great mood for days. The car honestly looks better than it did when it was brand new. The shine on the car is incredible, and it really makes the subtle lines on the body styling pop.


I am very pleased with the C Quartz Finest treatment The Shine Shop applied to my 2002 BMW Z8. The car looks as new, and the paint surface is better than new because of the water and dust repellency of this product. In my area, the water is extremely hard. Washing the car was an ordeal because I had to wash a section and towel dry immediately to avoid spotting. Now, the water just sheets off. Truly a great product.

– Marc Hungerford


Wes and the team at Elite chose a perfect name. Their service and attention to detail are a cut above and truly elite. On my new Model S, I chose to protect it with a professional application of CQ Finest. I am ecstatic with the service, the product and the results!

You can find a video of the results in the media section of Wes’ web site; it is the blue Model S in Scripps Ranch. Amazing job guys!!


I recently fulfilled a lifelong goal of mine when I purchased an Aston Martin DB9. Unfortunately, as with any pre-owned vehicle, the paint looked somewhat dull and had some marring, which was exacerbated by the fact that my DB9 was jet black. Enter Nolan Robinett, my chosen detailer/paint correction specialist and C Quartz Finest authorized installer. His paint correction work along with the finishing coat of C Quartz Finest had me giddy like a child in a candy store. The deep, rich glossiness has been restored to my paint and my car looks brand new again. My car now gets more looks and whistles than my wife does! I would recommend Nolan and the C Quartz Finest product line to anyone who appreciates seeing and keeping their vehicles shiny and beautiful.

– Kevin Ding.


Just wanted you to know you made a very pretty Car even better I now have Finest on 3 of my cars and it is great. The shine is great and it really does not get dirty as fast and when I wash it nothing sticks to it. The water just pours off and dries in no time. The bottle of reload is great especially on the windows. It is great!

– Steve Weintraub


My Detailer, Jason with Mobile Inq Auto Detail, convinced me to apply CQ Finest on my custom built Rosso Dino Ferrari 458 Spider. The coating works better than advertised as rainwater flows off miraculously and thus there are no water spots on the car after a rain shower. On daily driving when you drive through puddles and dirt, the coating protects the car and very minimum of the crud gets on the car paint. Driving my Jaguar Green Porsche Turbo without the CQuartz Finest on a rainy day in which dirt is hard to see the car gets dirty very quickly. The Ferrari on the other hand stays clean with almost no dirt etc. stuck on the car even though it is bright color. I love this product and recommend it as this a small investment to keep you car looking good all the time.


I love the CQ Finest product on my car. Even when it rains, the car continues to shine like it was never even exposed to water. And, when I do wash my car each week, the process has been so much easier since the CQF product was applied. I’m so glad I made the investment in having it done. I’m a huge fan and would recommend it to anyone that is interested in keeping their car looking shiny and beautiful long term!

– Cheryl