Seeing is Believing.

CQuartz Finest auto surface protection

Seeing is Believing.

CQuartz Finest auto surface protection
If you are interested in CQUARTZ Finest, and the incredible products/services our network provides, it is important that you speak with a certified installer.  To ensure the shop you are speaking with is a certified installer in our network, you can use the interactive map on our website.  This map contains all of our installers as well as their contact information. 

For those that may be new to the CQUARTZ professional line, here are a few things that you can expect when working with our installers.

Quality work - Our installers remove defects and perfect paint at a level FAR BEYOND what might satisfy the mass market audience.  This group of artists is insistent on perfecting the paint to the best of their ability for the package you choose and in line with the safety of your paint.

Trust - We go to great lengths to make sure our installers are professionals you can trust.  Becoming certified with us is not just about quality of work but also quality of character.

Quality Ceramic Coating - CQUARTZ is known around the world for its extreme gloss and level of protection.

Guarantee - Each professionally installed ceramic coating from our network comes with the full backing of the installer as well as the full backing of CARPRO.  Should anything trouble you, all of us are here to make sure you are cared for fairly and honestly.

Our program director @skycarcare is also more than happy to take your call and get you in touch with your nearest installer. 
​Use the link in our bio to find your nearest installer or find out more about what it take to become certified.
2021 #Dodge #Mammoth 1000 in for the CQUARTZ #Finest Treatment.  Sent out to Texas at the @hennesseyperformance factory to be transformed into a 1067 HP / 1000 lb torque BEAST.

Careful correction. Superior protection, Insane Engine. This Mammoth has it all. A large and in charge beast! 

Installer: @waxed_detailing
Location: Gatineau, Quebec 🇨🇦 
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Our certified installers have impeccable attention to detail.  They leave no part of your vehicle overlooked which is just one reason they are so highly regarded.  The results they provide speak louder than we ever could. #Demand Finest.

Learn more about what makes CQFinest a grade above the rest at

Installer: @menardpremiumdetailing
Location: Warminster, PA
It started from day 1. The idea was to offer not only a product that outperformed its competition but one which was only available through an exclusive network of installers. A network that was strict on its demand for quality and strong ethical values, as well as its relationship with clientele.  The service and experience to be provided would be attentive, fine-tuned, and completely personalized.

One of the greatest distinctions with our network is its consistent focus on the quality of work.  In a day and age where sales are the main focus for most companies, even at the cost of consumer satisfaction, experience, or quality, we decided to go a different route.  For us, the focus would be to base the certification on the quality of the installer.  Rather than allow installers to simply "buy into" their certification which creates inconsistencies in the quality of service, we decided to focus on what would be most important to us if we were the client. The whole purpose of our network of installers, and the extreme process we go through to vet these individuals is to ensure the quality of product that we promise and the experience we demand is delivered to the client (you).

When you choose CQUARTZ Finest or CQUARTZ Professional you are choosing the individuals that spend that extra time, that go the extra mile, that spare no expense to consider every detail. These are the shops we have found to care about your vehicles, often even more than you do.

Selecting an installer is not something that we take lightly.  There is no amount of money that will allow someone to "buy-in". You cannot take a course. There is only our best efforts to find individuals that hold themselves to the same standards we do.  The ultimate goal is that our clients are provided with a service, experience, and final product that improves their lifestyle.