Seeing is Believing.

CQuartz Finest auto surface protection

Seeing is Believing.

CQuartz Finest auto surface protection
The ONLY bottle of #CQUARTZ Finest a non-installer can get their hands on.

Why do we care so much about the quality of our installers?

The reason is to ensure a like experience across our network. When a program requires little to become certified you have already lost the quality, ethics, and the sort of values we hold dear. Once you have lost those qualities, you no longer have anything to offer the best craftsmen in the industry. Our installers aim to have "Certified CARPRO Installer" as a title not because it is easy, but because they know it represents an ideology that rings familiar to their own values. A tight network of individuals that think alike, work alike, and most importantly, maintain quality and customers satisfaction above all.

Our Finest network is not your average detailing experience because we don't want it to be. #DemandFinest
Today we introduce the world’s first nano-diamond-infused ceramic coating. 

In the pursuit of perfection, CARPRO has developed an innovative formula based on a siloxane nano-diamond fusion and proprietary silicon resin, which makes DQUARTZ the first ever coating to offer mechanical resistance to swirls and scratches. A critical advancement in an age where automotive paint continues to get softer.

This incredible new technology is enabled by the carefully controlled size and spherical shape of nano diamond particles in combination with their activated surface structures. This allows the nano diamonds to electrostatically bind to the other ingredients of the coating, as well as the surface itself. In essence, DQUARTZ isn’t just a regular ceramic coating with a cool additive known for hardness. Nano diamonds are an integral part of the DQUARTZ nanostructure. 

DQUARTZ can be used as a standalone coating for automotive paint and will produce the same results when used on metals. Beyond the hardness improvements, it packs strong chemical and environmental resistances, as well as next level self-cleaning. 

While DQUARTZ may be utilized as a standalone coating, DQUARTZ will excel even further as a base coating topped with CQUARTZ Professional or even CQUARTZ Finest.

DQUARTZ will be available through certified installers and is expected near the start of 2023!

As is always the case, maintenance of a coating is still important and any coating can be scratched if washed incorrectly. 

Stay tuned for more info! 

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