CQuartz Professional Auto Surface Protection

Nano Diamond Quartz Fusion

Diamond Protection

  • Resists bugs, tar, dirt & more
  • Protects against uv rays & oxidation
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Highly hydrophobic
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Works on metals
  • Increase surface hardness by up to 5 points*
CQuartz Finest surface protection process

Diamond Protection

  • Resists bugs, tar, dirt & more
  • Protects against uv rays & oxidation
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Highly hydrophobic
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Works on metals
  • Increase surface hardness by up to 5 points*
CQuartz Finest surface protection process
Paint Correction
Imperfect Car Finish
Decontaminating the Surface
Paint Correction
Refining Finish
Perfect Surface for your car


In the pursuit of perfection, we have developed a truly innovative formula based on a siloxane nano-diamond fusion and a proprietary silicon resin, which makes DQUARTZ the first ever coating to offer mechanical resistance to swirls and scratches.

DQUARTZ excels as a high gloss and extreme durability coating for automotive paint. Beyond the hardness improvements, it packs intense chemical and environmental resistance as well as our greatest pride and joy: gloss and the world renowned CARPRO self-cleaning ability!

For the ultimate protection, gloss, and ease of care, ask your CARPRO certified installer about topping DQUARTZ with a CQUARTZ Professional certified coating. Through rigorous testing we have found this combination “to provide the best of all worlds in paint protection and coating technology.

Consult with a highly qualified professional for the package that best suits your needs. CARPRO is extremely particular in the certification process of shops, therefore not all shops have access to DQUARTZ coatings.

CQ Professional Performance
CQuartz Professional Specs
CQuartz Finest Reserve Protection


Common Car Paint Defects
In Short?

Car paints are getting increasingly softer and we have finally developed a technology to combat it. DQUARTZ is the first ever ceramic coating, which utilizes Functionalized Detonation Nano Diamond Powder to increase surface pencil hardness by up to 5 points!

Ask us about CQUARTZ Professional and DQUARTZ today! Stay glossy and wash your car with ease for years to come!

CQuartz Professional Nano Ceramic Auto Coating
  • Type: Nano Diamond Ceramic Fusion
  • Durability: 2-10 Years
  • Thickness: 3+ micron
  • Sliding Angle: 15 Deg.
  • Contact Angle: 110 ~ 115 Deg.
  • Temp resiliance: Subzero ~ 1000 F>


Fine Swirl Resistance
Historically, you have the potential to scratch the surface of your car anytime you wash it. The scratches we are talking about here are very fine and referred to as “swirls” but as they build up the level of gloss you see as reflections and depth to your paint withers. These swirls refract light away from your eyes which is one of the causes of a dulled appearance to your paint over time. With an increased surface hardness of up to 5 points, DQUARTZ Professional is the first ever coating to prove a mechanical resistance affect and assists in avoiding fine swirls on most paints alongside proper maintenance and care. It should be noted that no coating is swirl proof and it is important to use only high quality wash mitts and drying towels or a blower to maintain near perfection.
Protection From Bird Droppings

The most dangerous enemy your paint will likely see in its life is bird droppings. They can vary in level of toxicity but it is well known by professionals that a bird dropping can dissolve wax on contact, eat deep into paint, and leave an etching within minutes. With DQUARTZ Pro you have a barrier which resists bird droppings and allows you time to discover and remove them so they cannot cause permanent damage to your paint.

Protection From Bugs
They come in all shapes and sizes. Many are highly acidic and can wreak havoc on your paint! They impact the front of your vehicle at high speed and as their body’s explode the acidic contents spills out onto your paint. Within minutes it can eat through a layer of traditional wax before it dries and bonds hard to the surface in the heat of the sun. If the bug is highly acidic it will begin the process of etching into your clearcoat in a matter of hours. Each time it is exposed to moisture more acids are released and eventually your paint may even experience permanent damage.

With 3µm of DQUARTZ Pro between the bugs and your paint they can no longer cause permanent damage to your paint. DQUARTZ Pro is resistant to acids and its rare any mark will be left on the coating with reasonable washing schedules.  In the rare case a bug does leave something behind you can be rest assured your paint is still safe beneath the coating.

Easier Maintenance
DQUARTZ Pro offers extreme shedding abilities of virtually anything that touches it! Self-cleaning affect is boosted to another level when DQUARTZ Pro is utilized and it is accentuated even further in tandem with CQUARTZ Professional or Finest Reserve as a combination. Washing your car has never been more effortless!
Aesthetics & Gloss

DQUARTZ Pro yields a unique richness and depth found nowehere else in the world. Its advanced protective properties maintain this rich, glossy finish and resist oxidation and dulling  for years to come.

Dust and Dirt Resistance

Carnauba wax provides limited protection and unfortunately dust sticks to very easily. Polymer sealants are a little better and stay cleaner than waxes however they too allow dirt and dust to stick to them.  After your first Reset wash of a DQUARTZ Pro treated vehicle, dust and dirt retention will be improved by up to 80% relative to a waxed vehicle.

In the air around us and on the highways, all sorts of contaminants attack your paint.  Iron particles coming off the brakes of other vehicles can lodge into your paint and allow moisture to penetrate around them.  Over time the oxidation process from moisture and sun break down around these iron particles and eat microscopic holes into your paint. DQUARTZ Pro puts an end to this with a thick barrier that does not allow these contaminants to reach the paint surface and are easily removed with the use of CARPRO Reset wash and occasionally CARPRO decon products.


Sophisticated 3D Nano Structure offers immense water beading and sheeting characteristics, with a Contact Angle of 110° ~ 115°, and the only coating on the market that offers a jaw dropping 10° sliding angle!


Since day one the goal of the CQUARTZ Finest program has been to approve only the most talented honest and character driven professionals across the world. Over the years the program has continually improved and demanded more of their installers.

To say this is simply scratching the surface of our interview with @elitefinish @weswalz is an understatement. This short clip has Wes explaining how his San Diego location provides him with the opportunity to constantly improve his services and push himself and his team to new heights. Just one of his 3 locations that each offer him and his business unique challenges, markets, and learning opportunities. 

Wes has been an integral part to our @cquartzfinest program and continues to push our network to grow, learn, and become the best version of themselves. 

Thank you @elitefinish for hosting the past #VERGE and a huge thank you to @weswalz for his continued devotion to our teams success 🙏🏻.
Brigham of @superiorautomotivedetails goes a little bit into why he loves our @cquartzfinest network. Above all else this network is a family. Our group is one of support, love, and brotherhood. We are forever grateful for the incredible people that make up this network 🙏🏻 and their ability to be so giving and open to helping their CQUARTZ Family. 

Huge thanks to Brigham of @superiorautomotivedetails for sitting down with us at our last VERGE and sharing a bit of his story. 

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Steven Torres of @steves_central_coast_detailing explaining how he priorities his customers trust in him over all else. 

Our finest installers have a deep care for you and your investment. Any service starts from a place of honesty, education, and doing what’s right for YOU.
To say that our certified installer interviews were incredible would be an understatement. Here’s a short clip from CQUARTZ Finest Installer, Jonathan Speers of @areteautosalon, sharing insights on the common themes we discuss at our annual VERGE.

Being kind and respectful to our fellow installers, our customers, and everyone is fundamental in our network. Character is the driving force behind these individuals. Watching them wear their hearts on their sleeves like this should give you deeper insight into the type of individuals we include in our network.
💎 The hardest coating yet…

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