Tomorrow we will be launching this awesome new website to replace the previous professional services website (  So, lets get our official blog started with an introduction and a little definition of what you can expect to find here on the blog page!


My name is Corey Carruth and among other things, I have led the creation of the CQuartz professional programs in North America as well as the review and certification of every installer that has been approved since 2012 when we launched.  The construction, implementation, and evolution of this program has been a team effort between myself and a number of our Finest Installers.  Our core principals focus on quality, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and the betterment of our industry and anyone we are able to support.

What to expect if you follow our blog:

First and foremost we plan to share another dimension of our story right here.  Even as I write this initial post my mind races back and forth through all the many subjects and information we are excited to provide you!  Type.. type… delete… delete… “Stay on subject Corey!  We can get into those one at a time as the weeks progress!”

This blog is a place I aim to tear down walls and include our clients and potential clients in the ongoing story of our professional installers team which has become what we consider a family.  Our story is unique and rather mysterious to some… Thats because you won’t find us out banging on cars with hammers and shouting at the top of our lungs to “pay attention to us”.  There are plenty of “brands” that consider that to be the best technique but it just doesn’t fit our nature and is the antithesis of everything we stand for.

Our belief is that treating our clientele as we would like to be treated is the only way to go.  Fraudulent and/or deceitful terms such as, “permanent”, “9H”, “10H”, “12H”, “rock hard”, “rock chip proof”,  “never wash again” and a bevy of utter nonsense do not belong in our vocabulary.  Unfortunately confronting this sort of nonsense can become extremely time consuming and frankly we truly dislike the negativity it brings from a mass of un-educated people and marketing companies throughout the industry.  However, confront it we will in some of our blog posts where we will fully de-bunk some of the marketing terms, gimmicks, and claims you may have fallen prey to elsewhere!

The FAR more exciting part of this blog series (speaking for myself anyway) will be the aforementioned… OUR story…. which is largely full of positivity, growth, encouragement, and what I would define as success!  When, I say “Our”, I define it as the story of our installers, many of our mutual clientele, and my our own personal challenges, mistakes, and victories over the past five years and onward!

Ok, lets call it a day!  Welcome to the new website!  We hope you enjoy the videos, photo feeds, information, and most of all the industry leading, CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve services our incredible team of installers offer!

Best Regards,

Corey Carruth

CQuartz Finest North America