Life is about adventure. Live it with the security and knowledge that your vehicle is protected with the best.

CQUARTZ Finest Reserve takes its own leading coating technology and combines it with a network of professionals that are thoroughly vetted and tested to install our products and work with our clients. This leads to a consistent experience across North America and the globe. 

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@areteautosalon of Rochester NY, baking up some CQUARTZ Finest on this #Zo6 Corvette. Correction, Protection, Perfection. ⁠

IR Curing is used with our CQUARTZ Finest Reserve service to ensure a superior cure of our product on your vehicle whilst also allowing the installer to release the vehicle to our mutual client sooner. The curing process allows our installers to give our customers a fully cured vehicle that has full protection capabilities. 

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You are not the only person with feelings for incredible gloss and perfection. A whole network of individuals find themselves demanding this obsession of gloss every day. Feed those feelings with #CQFinest and #CQProfessional. From the unrelenting durability to the exhilarating shine, to the all-consuming passion of CQUARTZ Certified Installers, each coating is installed to stir your senses.
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Photo courtesy of  @convenientdetail out of Coral Springs, FL.