Maintenance is key.

That doesn't go for only some coatings.  It goes for ALL coatings.

No ceramic (or any other protection) is going to last forever. Any company that claims an unrealistic life of a coating are either spreading false claims or using the bloated terminology of the detailing industry against you. A quality coating will have a successful and lengthy life, but proper maintenance in the form of washing is key. Whether your installer teaches you, or you decide to have your vehicles serviced by them, proper.

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Image Courtesy of @trifiliocardetail of Brasil!
Most people think of wheels as an afterthought when it comes to their ride, not our installers. 

@clearcutdetailing making sure these rims stay clean for a long time with CQFinest products on this Civic LE.
CQFinest provides hydrophobicity, film thickness, dirt-repellency, and gloss, all pushed to the max in order to create the Finest protection system for vehicles on the market.
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